You can contact us and we will visit you at your home or place of business upon request, or you can start legal consultation by four ( 4 ) simple steps:

1. Please contact us using one of the methods below:

  • Consultation via our E-mail address .
  • Consultation by short message via our mobile number.
  • Consultation by fax via our fax number.
  • Consultation by call via our telephone number.
  • Consultation by sending a letter via our offices address.
  • Consultation by visiting our office .


2. We will answer, reply and ask several questions regarding the quality and quantity of your topics consultation, such as:

  • Related aspects based on consultation topic.
  • Delivery system of legal opinion.
  • Billing and payment system.


3. You must answer and reply to our questions.

4. We will send our legal opinion from your consultation topic by E – mail or expedition services based on the quality and quantity agreement.